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Nursery and Preschools

The Hampton Day Nursery and Pre-School

Hargate Way, Hampton Hargate,, Peterborough PE7 8BZ, UK – 01733 566321

My Son has been attending Busy Bees in Hampton since May 2017. He began with settling in sessions which were a brilliant way for him to get used to the nursery setting and staff. He formed a brilliant relationship with his key worker in the baby room and I continue to feel at ease with his progress now as he has entered the pre-toddler room. The staff are all fantastic - no question or query is a problem. I receive daily updates through the online system and feedback on collection of what my Son has eaten, length of nap, nappy changes and activities. The key workers post observations of learning and development on the online parent system which is wonderful to see and eases the guilt of having to work! I would highly recommend this nursery to anyone looking for a friendly local environment where you can feel at ease knowing your child is well looked after.

My daughter started at Busy bees in November after moving to Peterborough. From the very start, all of the staff from reception to key workers with the children have been extremely helpful and have made Brooke feel at home and put me at ease with knowing she will be more than ready to start school in September. Brooke is also vegan and they have worked around that and cooked alternatives for her without any fuss. I couldn't be more thankful for all of their help daily with the progress of getting Brooke ready for school, I have noticed just how much she has grown up in the past few months and I know a lot of it is down to the guidance and examples set whilst she has been attending.

Kidsunlimited Woodlands Day Nursery

Thorpe Wood, Peterborough PE3 6HN, UK – 0845 365 2909

Now Closed!!!!!!!!!

The Day Nursery

32-34 Priestgate, Peterborough PE1 1JL, UK – 01733 890555

Very good Nursery and staff

Primary and Secondary Schools

Old Fletton Primary School

London Rd, Peterborough PE2 9DR, UK – 01733 554457


Good school

Hampton Vale Primary School

W Lake Ave, Peterborough PE7 8LS, UK – 01733 247000

School can be great but needs persistence and commitment by parents if child has additional needs. The school is large which can lead to miss communications between staff or things fogotten. Some teachers are over stretched but most are approachable and great with the children. I feel too much behaviour is ignored or not dealt with to nip in the bud during free time at lunch and breaks but feel this is because staff can feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of children. However nipping behaviour in the bud can prevent it becoming ingrained and long term lead to a better playground experience for staff and children. My child loves learning and is often stretched, although this is blighted by inconsistencies and changes within the routines when teachers have other commitments within school.

Hampton vale school, is the best school i have ever come across, I have 4 children, so with moving etc, i have come across a few schools. They do not come close to Hampton Vale school, in my case, my 2 youngest children go there and have had some problems, the school can not do any more than they do 4 my children to feel comfortable and safe in their care. they have also been there 4 our family, NO other school would go to the lengths that , people like Emma Jane and my children's teachers plus other members of staff have gone to 4 us. So i thank you Hampton Vale.

Thorpe Primary School

107 Atherstone Ave, Peterborough PE3 9UG, UK – 01733 264340

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The teachers are quite strict at that school. The teachers that are kind of not are the TA's and normal class teachers such as Oliver Wray and Penel tipping. They are my favourite teachers and they've been the best teachers so far. Apart from that, it's a brilliant school!

Public & Preparatory Schools

The Peterborough School

Thorpe Road, Peterborough PE3 6AP, UK – 01733 343357